Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Damn You, You Inner Recessionista!

I had been admiring this beautiful server on my local craigslist for about two weeks. I even emailed a picture to my husband, his response: "Where are we supposed to put it?". Which, as you know, is not a "No, don't get it". But I hesitated, yes I even hesitated when the price plummeted from $150 to $100 (WITH SHIPPING INCL.)!!! And now when I go to CL today to call the seller, it is GONE!!!

So, alas I must find another buffet, server, or credenza. I am obsessed, especially since I have the perfect spot for it now that I've rearranged my living/dining room. I have found two that may be an option. Option #1 is actually from a seller I've bought from before, my beautiful tiered side table that I use as a nightstand. It's a "Stanley" and is very cute, but I don't think the storage is cut out for what I hope to store inside. The other's maker is unknown, but I love the stain and the lines.

What is a girl to do?



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