Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Jumpstart Project#1

I am so psyched I just finished my first January Jumpstart project: Throw Pillows! Here's the nitty gritty on the project:

  • sewing machine
  • fabric (Joel Dewberry's Ginseng Line: Orchid in Chocolate and Geo in Rust)
  • thread
  • re-used pillow stuffing from old throw pillows
  • measuring tape
  • scissors

Time: 1hr. 15minutes (time might be less if you don't have a toddler to entertain!)

I didn't use a pattern or anything, what I did was measure my old throw pillows horizontally and vertically (measure looosely you want to take into account the amount of filling inside). That measurement was 18x18, so I cut four fabric squares that were 20x20, so that I would have a one inch seam allowance on each side. I cut two squares out of two different fabric patters because I wanted to have reversible pillows with coordinating fabrics.

Then, I took the two coordinating fabrics and sandwiched them wrong side out for both and went to sewing, making sure to leave the 1 inch allowance all around and leaving a small portion unsewn for stuffing the pillow.


Finished Pillow; the Husband said that my new pillows look better than our store bought ones ever did!

The video of the process!

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  1. Very nice... I use to make bedding before my son was born. Thinking about getting back into it, just haven't gottent the motivation yet. Keep it going!


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