Tuesday, December 12, 2006


 I am 34 wks. and SO READY to have the baby out!  It is sooo hard to get a goodnight's sleep.  My ribs hurt at night, my back hurts, I have to get up to pee...AARGH!  I'm really hoping that he comes the week of Christmas (and is healthy, if so).  Also, I want everyone to know women are pregnant for 10 MONTHS, not 9!!!  A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks...do the math!!!

In other news my shower is on Saturday and I am so psyched.  This will be the first baby shower I've been to EVER!  

More news...nursery is NOT DONE!  We need to:
  • Remove the dangonne couch.
  • Move the desk downstairs.
  • Paint the walls.
I guess it's okay, since we won't be getting the nursery furniture until January, but I would like it to be set up.  So far I bought an unfinished shelf with a place for pictures in the bottom and stained it as well as decoupaged it with basketball images.  It is very cute if I do say so myself.  I still have to spray it with the sealer and then it'll be finished.  I also made a lightplate switch in baby blue, that says BABY HASSAN on it in brown wood letters.  I am working on these wooden block letters that spell out his name, they will be baby blue and brown and hung on the wall with ribbons.  Kind of like this:

Image Courtesy of Gaga Designs


  1. Congratulations, Ms. K! So I have someone else joining the boys club, lol! Baby boys are wonderful little bundles of joy (well, all babies are, really). I soooo feel you on the ready to have the baby out, but just hang in there until week 37! (BTW, I d/n know why they do this but they rarely qualify the 40 weeks as lunar weeks, which are different from 40 calendar weeks, as a delivery nurse explained to me...so since every month isn't 28 days exactly, every month that has 29+ days adds up to the extra 4 weeks. So it actually comes out to 9 calendar months. But it certainly feels like 10 calendar months!)

    Wishing you a full-term, healthy, speedy, and relatively painless birth!
    Nyambura ;)

  2. Thanks Nyambura! I can't wait to see my baby boy!


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