Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baby Shower Recap!

Baby Shower Synopsis (I wanted to wait until I had pics).

My baby shower was this Sat. I was so psyched because I'd never been to one. Last week my digicam got wet and now it's focked up, so no digipics. So, I bought one of those disposables and my peeps had one too. First thing, my mom calls me when I'm getting ready and I had actually told my ex-coworker the wrong times because I sent her an email image of the 1st version of the invite. But it all turned out well she ended up pitching in with my mom and granma (she was the only non-black guest there, too).

Well, I get there and all the food is laid out in the kitchen looking fabulous. I wonder if anyone took a pic of that before we started eating. We had 2 spiced shrimp platters, a platter of croissant sandwiches, meatballs, fried chicken wings, veggie platter, pasta salad (so-so good), potato salad, a meat and cheese tray, and a cracker and cheese tray. YUM!

The party was held downstairs and we played a lot of fun games and ppl. got prizes, I wish I could have played because one game was guess the celeb. parents by the child and I knew all of them!!! My mom had bought for prizes a Bombay & Co. cordials set, Gift Cards to Target, Christmas Glass Drink Stirrers, a silver frame, and one game had a cash prize.

The game with the cash prize was the one with the baby pins and you can't say certain words or someone can steal your pin, the words were BOY, SHOWER, and BABY. At one point in the game my great-aunt and her ex-girlfriend started arguing about the rules. My aunt said she hadn't heard that there were 3 words you couldn't say and she wasn't giving her the pin. My non-black guest looked a little frazzled at this point. :lol:

I got a ton o' stuff! The baby has 24 onesies alone in the size 0-3 mths. I also received a baby swing, play yard, high chair, carrier, baby tub, a Bombay & Co. memory box, 2 Target gift cards, 1 Babies R Us giftcard, and loads of clothes. The funniest moment of the night was when I pulled out these window shades for the car and I thought it was a flat-iron (everyone laughed at me) you can't take the PJ out the girl even at a babyshower. :lol:

I had a lot of fun and I am going to do my Thank You cards this weekend. Yesterday when I was at home I put together the baby swing, I love it!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


 I am 34 wks. and SO READY to have the baby out!  It is sooo hard to get a goodnight's sleep.  My ribs hurt at night, my back hurts, I have to get up to pee...AARGH!  I'm really hoping that he comes the week of Christmas (and is healthy, if so).  Also, I want everyone to know women are pregnant for 10 MONTHS, not 9!!!  A full term pregnancy is 40 the math!!!

In other news my shower is on Saturday and I am so psyched.  This will be the first baby shower I've been to EVER!  

More news...nursery is NOT DONE!  We need to:
  • Remove the dangonne couch.
  • Move the desk downstairs.
  • Paint the walls.
I guess it's okay, since we won't be getting the nursery furniture until January, but I would like it to be set up.  So far I bought an unfinished shelf with a place for pictures in the bottom and stained it as well as decoupaged it with basketball images.  It is very cute if I do say so myself.  I still have to spray it with the sealer and then it'll be finished.  I also made a lightplate switch in baby blue, that says BABY HASSAN on it in brown wood letters.  I am working on these wooden block letters that spell out his name, they will be baby blue and brown and hung on the wall with ribbons.  Kind of like this:

Image Courtesy of Gaga Designs