Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh Joy...

Yesterday, I went to the maternal fetal specialist for my sonogram. I was referred to a specialist because my mother had preeclampsia while pregnant with my sister and I, and my sister has hydrocephalus, which my specialist is saying was probably caused by my mother having to deliver her so prematurely (at 6 mths). Well, the sonographer starts my sonogram and she is quiet...REAL QUIET...for a long time just pressing buttons and all that, so I'm getting scared, the hubster is getting scared, then suddenly she says, the heartbeat is going at 149bpm! Oh joy, our baby seems to be doing fine. Then she shows us the screen and is showing us his little baby parts, oh that's his head, and that's his bladder, and that's his arms, his legs, his thighs. So then I ask her the BIG QUESTION..."Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl"...She says, "do you want to know" (chick didn't I just ask, LOL!) so I say yes, then she goes NO DOUBT IT'S A BOY and shows us his penis. So, then tears of joy are just streaming down my face. I had no real preference on whether I wanted a boy or a girl, but we really kept thinking we were going to have a little girl. But I was just so happy. She said that our baby is doing fine and his weight is average and my due date is still around Jan. 24th (I'm working on a 27th due date for my timeline though).

So, we are overjoyed to have a bouncing baby boy on the way!

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  1. My friend Anita wants me to "encourage" you to have my little nephew on Jan. 24!! You may be able to guess why...and if you can't, that's her b-day! LOL!


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