Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maternity Clothes

I am moving out of the regular clothes phase and into maternity wear. My pants are barely buttoning now days, although most ppl. can't tell that I'm pregnant yet. So, yesterday I stopped into Target and went to the Liz Lange Maternity Section. I bought two pants (one in brown/one in black) that would be perfect for work in a size 4 and a teal top in XS. So, I get home excited to try on the pants and those bastards don't fit! I should have known though, Target upsizes and I cannot wear a 4 from there. I'm debating whether to keep them and maybe grow into them or take them back. I'm probably going to take them back and maybe get some more colors of the shirt I bought, it's too cute. I'm wearing the top today with some black cuffed capris (that are zipped, but not buttoned!).
The shirt:

The pants that don't fit:

For this in between time I think I'm going to get some Bella Bands to hold me over so I can wear my regular pants unbuttoned.

Someone on my board also told me to buy low rise jeans; I found a pair of Levi's Too Superlow rider jeans that I had and not worn much and they are my PERFECT jeans right now.

I am also on the hunt for some Seven for All Mankind Maternity jeans (yes, it's a sickness) on Ebay!

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