Thursday, June 1, 2006

TMI: Morning Sickness & Green Poo...

After bragging last weekend about not having any morning sickness, it has hit me HARD this week. Yesterday while at work, I was feeling really nauseaus despite eating Saltines and drinking Ginger Ale. So, I say to myself, you need to eat something, so I make some oatmeal. After it's made I look at it and I'm like, this is not happening, so I decide to drink one of my Ensure Healthy Mom drinks. I drink about half of it and all is well for like, one minute. Suddenly, I feel it welling up. So I grab my bathroom keys and run out my office. While in the hall my mouth filled with throw-up, but I keep it in. Fumbling with my keys to get in, it fills up a 2nd time. I run into the stall and SPEW! Oh my gosh, it was so gross and it felt gross because the liquid was still cold. I also managed to get some on my WHITE shirt. So, I was still feeling bad and decided to go home. I also ended up telling my immediate supervisor I was pregnant. I wanted to wait until the end of my first trimester, but with the hurling I didn't want her to think I was having a hangover or something. I'm still kind of nauseaus this morning, but not as bad.

Also, green poo, why is my poo green? I'm going to have to investigate that. I could understand if I was eating lots of green veggies, but I'm not, yet my poo is GREEN!

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  1. Could be your prenatal vitamins. The iron in mine made my poo black. Hope you feel better soon.



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