Sunday, June 11, 2006


I am a freaking bloodhound, I can smell EVERYTHING and I HATE IT! Every smell is overwhelming to me and they make my stomach hurt! And ohmygosh, being on the train can be HELL loud perfume, people passing gas, BO! Last week, I got on the escalator at my station and it's one of the LONGEST escalators so I was not trying to walk it, this Indian guy in front of me smelled like straight up MUSK and CURRY! I wanted to hurl right there and the escalator was so crowded I couldn't walk up past him unless I wanted to walk the whole thing. I told the DH that I need one of those medical masks. And tastes are stronger, too. I had seafood alfredo the other day and I was like I can't eat this, it tastes like the sea.

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  1. FROM DELIGHTFULFLAME: I remember these days...keep those crackers handy!

    With my first pregnancy, I was on campus and living in the dorm. I couldn't even eat in the freaking cafeteria b/c the tray put up thingie was right near the entrance. So all that stinky...old...mixed up throw away food would greet me when I walked in and make me want to hurl immediately!

    A neat trick is to put crackers by the bed. When you wake up in the morning...don't sit up. Just reach down for the crackers and then wait a few minutes. Your morning should be easier when you get up.


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