Sunday, June 11, 2006

My First Prenatal Visit

I went to the doctor for my first prenatal appt. on June 9th and I am actually only 7 wks. pregnant so I should be pushing out my bundle of joy January 26th, 2007! I got to hear the heartbeat as well as see him/her on the sonogram (although right now he/she just looks like a circle). I am OVERJOYED!

First the doctor was feeling my uterus and he was like your uterus doesn't seem big enough for 10 wks. so he sent me to the imaging center downstairs which is where I got to see my little baby. Because of my family history at 16 weeks I will be seeing a maternal/fetal specialist for my sonogram just to make sure everything is kosher.

My next appt. is in 4 wks. I got a sample of the PrimaCare One prenatal vitamin with DHA and EFA and if I do well on it they will send the prescription to my pharmacist.

The doctor delivers at Holy Cross hospital which I'm very happy about, he says that that facility is ready for anything and has a great NICU, too. But hopefully we won't need that.

In not so great news he did find a cyst on my ovary.

Without further ado here's my lil bambino/a...

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  1. awww so sweet. I can't wait till i'm pregnant one day. I'll also make a blog. :)


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