Sunday, June 11, 2006

My First Prenatal Visit

I went to the doctor for my first prenatal appt. on June 9th and I am actually only 7 wks. pregnant so I should be pushing out my bundle of joy January 26th, 2007! I got to hear the heartbeat as well as see him/her on the sonogram (although right now he/she just looks like a circle). I am OVERJOYED!

First the doctor was feeling my uterus and he was like your uterus doesn't seem big enough for 10 wks. so he sent me to the imaging center downstairs which is where I got to see my little baby. Because of my family history at 16 weeks I will be seeing a maternal/fetal specialist for my sonogram just to make sure everything is kosher.

My next appt. is in 4 wks. I got a sample of the PrimaCare One prenatal vitamin with DHA and EFA and if I do well on it they will send the prescription to my pharmacist.

The doctor delivers at Holy Cross hospital which I'm very happy about, he says that that facility is ready for anything and has a great NICU, too. But hopefully we won't need that.

In not so great news he did find a cyst on my ovary.

Without further ado here's my lil bambino/a...


I am a freaking bloodhound, I can smell EVERYTHING and I HATE IT! Every smell is overwhelming to me and they make my stomach hurt! And ohmygosh, being on the train can be HELL loud perfume, people passing gas, BO! Last week, I got on the escalator at my station and it's one of the LONGEST escalators so I was not trying to walk it, this Indian guy in front of me smelled like straight up MUSK and CURRY! I wanted to hurl right there and the escalator was so crowded I couldn't walk up past him unless I wanted to walk the whole thing. I told the DH that I need one of those medical masks. And tastes are stronger, too. I had seafood alfredo the other day and I was like I can't eat this, it tastes like the sea.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

TMI: Morning Sickness & Green Poo...

After bragging last weekend about not having any morning sickness, it has hit me HARD this week. Yesterday while at work, I was feeling really nauseaus despite eating Saltines and drinking Ginger Ale. So, I say to myself, you need to eat something, so I make some oatmeal. After it's made I look at it and I'm like, this is not happening, so I decide to drink one of my Ensure Healthy Mom drinks. I drink about half of it and all is well for like, one minute. Suddenly, I feel it welling up. So I grab my bathroom keys and run out my office. While in the hall my mouth filled with throw-up, but I keep it in. Fumbling with my keys to get in, it fills up a 2nd time. I run into the stall and SPEW! Oh my gosh, it was so gross and it felt gross because the liquid was still cold. I also managed to get some on my WHITE shirt. So, I was still feeling bad and decided to go home. I also ended up telling my immediate supervisor I was pregnant. I wanted to wait until the end of my first trimester, but with the hurling I didn't want her to think I was having a hangover or something. I'm still kind of nauseaus this morning, but not as bad.

Also, green poo, why is my poo green? I'm going to have to investigate that. I could understand if I was eating lots of green veggies, but I'm not, yet my poo is GREEN!