Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How I found out and me being overzealous as usual...

I missed my period last mth. and I've been peeing every 5 seconds, so I was like maybeeeee.... so I said well let's get a test on our Anniversary (5/27) because wouldn't that be cool. Well, I was too antsy so I was like how about the day before mother's day because then on Mother's Day I can tell our moms by saying, "Hey, where's my Mother's Day card!"

So we bought a test at Target and we get home and I take it, so before we go to look at the results Sharief says a prayer, "Lord, I am not going to ask you that we be pregnant, but for you to do what you will and if it's the right time to bless us with a child you will, AMEN." So, I just took the test about an hour ago and behold 2 lines and 99.99% accuracy. I will be making an appt. to visit my gyno to do the blood test, but I was so excited I had to blurt it out to everyone.

We told our parents in the same kind of way. It was Mother's Day so first we went to my parents house, we gave my mom her gift and chit-chatted and then as we were in the driveway to go to the restaurant, Sharief says, "Hey, what about Kenesha's Mother's Day present." My mom goes well, then lightbulb recognition, she's like are you? And I shake my head then she says congrats and my dad was like y'all shoulda got a puppy. Then the whole time in the car she kept asking us were we serious.

Later that day we went over his parents house and we did the same thing except this time I said, "Where's my Mother's Day present?" Sharief's mom started jumping up and down and saying, are you, are you? I told her yes and she hugged me then me, Sharief, MIL, and FIL were all group hugging. My FIL was really happy when we told him if we have a son his name will be Hassan because that is his Muslim name.

I have already bought a DHA Pregnancy/Nursing Supplement to go with my vitamins until I see my doctor and I can get the prescription pre-natal with the DHA already in it. It's called Expecta Lipil and it's made by the Enfamil brand co. http://www.expectalipil.com/

I bought myself the Ensure Healthy Moms drinks and snack bars in chocolate of course. At work a lot of times I will eat really late (Fri. I at at 2:30) or miss breakfast, but I cannot be doing that now, so I wanted to have these of course I don't want all my co-workers to see it, so I only put one in the freezer to chill and then I'm going to drink it.

I'm also entering every sweepstakes related to baby stuff and maternity that I can find as well as printing out coupons for everything I can think of, so far I entered the Makeover Your Maternity Contest from WE to win $500 worth of Liz Lange Maternity Wear, the Pampers Year's Supply of diapers contest, and printed off a $300 coupon for the Ensure Healthy Mom stuff.

Oh yeah, I am peeing like there is no tomorrow.

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